Tips for A Greener Holiday on Bali

Tips for a Greener Holiday on Bali

By making small changes to the way that you travel, we can all make a positive difference to the people and environment in the destination you love to visit, particularly Bali. By following the tips you can :


– Help to protect the environment and precious natural resources
– Help to protect endangered plant and animal species
– Help families that live in holiday destinations to earn a fair living from tourism
– Help ensure that local cultures and traditions thrive

Plus you can help to keep holiday special for generation to come.


Start enjoying your holiday before you go, your welcome will be warmer if you take  an interest and speak a few simple phrases in the local language.

How are you? Apa kabar?
Thank you – Terima kasih
See you again – Sampai jumpa lagi
Good morning – Selamat pagi
Good afternoon – Selamat siang
Good evening – Selamat sore
Good night – Selamat malam


As well as using water and energy sparingly, please help to reduce waste by using cloth bags instead of plastic, and re-using plastic cups and water bottles.


Buying locally-made souvenirs, eating and drinking at local bars, cafes and restaurants and taking excursions using local guides are great ways to get more out of your holiday and ensure local people benefit from your stay.



Dress and act appropriately for the place that you are visiting – do a little background reading before you go away or ask your holiday rep for advice.


When you buy local souvenirs, always be sure to bargain with good humour and bear in mind that a small cash saving to you could be a significant amount of money to the seller.

Please don’t buy products made from endangered or wild animals and plants including coral, shells, starfish, horns, teeth and animal skins and fur.

If in doubt, don’t buy.

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