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For over a century, Bali has fascinated the travelers imagination. The island represents the spirit of the exotic and mysterious East.
Tropical lush terraced rice paddies, while plantations of coffee, banana, cacao and fragrant spices line the roads.

Spa Yoga Travel introduces Bali as an authentic wellness holiday destination, intended to fullfill the needs of customers with this unique experience, with our partners we ensure it appreciates to value the local culture and people of Bali. We offer Bali luxury spa retreat, Bali wellness retreat, Bali spa packages, Bali spa resorts, Ubud spa retreat, wellness spa programs in Bali, Bali best day spa.


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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

 We are promoting cultural and authentic experience, sustainability toward culture, nature and environment are included in our  programs.

Support Local

Support Local

 Most of our holiday programs are involving local products, local expertise, and provide local souvenirs from local market these aims to support the local communities.

Personalized Program

Personalized Program

We are open to discuss a personalized program specifically for you. With this we know how to take care of you best and achieve the excellent outcome from the holiday.

Experienced Staffs

Experienced Staffs

All our staffs are locals with passionate to introduce the best that Bali could offer for each of our customer.


For a positive difference to the people, culture and environment, and you can help to keep holiday special for generation to come.

BEFORE YOU GO Start enjoying your holiday before you go, your welcome will be warmer if you take  an interest and speak a few simple phrases in the local language.

REDUCE WASTE As well as using water and energy sparingly, please help to reduce waste by using cloth bags instead of plastic, and re-using plastic cups and water bottles.
BUY LOCAL Buying locally-made souvenirs, eating and drinking at local bars, cafes and restaurants and taking excursions using local guides are great ways to get more out of your holiday and ensure local people benefit from your stay.

RESPECT THE LOCAL CULTURE AND TRADITIONS Dress and act appropriately for the place that you are visiting – do a little background reading before you go away or ask your holiday rep for advice.

SHOPPING When you buy local souvenirs, always be sure to bargain with good humour and bear in mind that a small cash saving to you could be a significant amount of money to the seller. Don’t buy products made from endangered or wild animals and plants including coral, shells, starfish, horns, teeth and animal skins and fur.

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DO drink bottled water – Bali is hot all year around and you don’t want to dehydrate.

DO wear s sarong or long clothing when entering a temple. The Balinese are very serious about their spirituality, so please be respectful and cover up.

DO haggle in markets and street shops – Humor and a smile can get you a long way, that goes for bargaining too.

DO take your shoes off when entering a temple or a person’s house. You will know because there will be shoes everywhere outside.

DO try and avoid walking on the ceremonial offerings in the street. Dogs walk over them, but if you can, and they are everywhere try not to as a mark of respect to these deeply spiritual people.

DO enjoy the many ceremonies that take place in this spiritual country. This is part of the beauty of real Bali.

DO make sure you have traveled insurance. There are many accidents in the surf, on scooters and from dog bites.

DON’T drink tap water, it does not taste good and will certainly give you stomach problem.

DON’T enter a temple whilst menstruating, also if you have an open wound you shouldn’t enter.

DON’T touch the head of a Balinese person, not even a child. The head is considered a sacred part of the body.

DON’T handover something with your left hand – it is considered impolite, using both hand is ok.

DON’T touch or  point something with your feet – it is considered very offensive.
DON’T take any offer from an airport porter who help with your trolley for your luggage, as they expect you to pay for that, it cause you a confusion as you don’t understand the currency.

DON’T get bit by a monkey or a dog –  Monkeys and Dogs might look cute, but they have some serious canine teeth and can be quite nasty. They can also carry rabies, so if you happen to get bit by a monkey or a dog you need to get to a doctor and get a series of rabies shots. It’s important to do this right away before any signs of illness because once symptoms of infection appear, rabies is reported to be 100% fatal.

Please click this link to view the updated Health and Safety on Travelling to Bali.

Please click this link to view the updated VISA and PASSPORT when entering Indonesia.

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